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Join NEDRA today conveniently with your PayPal account. Select the appropriate Membership below and finish by selecting "View Cart". When purchasing a membership you agree to the NEDRA Membership Notice at the bottom of this page.

$35.00 Special Yearly Membership
$200.00 Lifetime Membership
$500.00 Corporate Membership (2 years)
$35.00 Educational - Instructor (1 year)
$5.00 Educational - Student (1 year)
$500.00 Lifetime Family Membership

BY MAIL (but we prefer the Paypal route)
Print out and mail the convenient Membership Form with a check or money order made payable to NEDRA, and send it to:

Please email Ed Fargo at  member@nedra.com

Mailing address:

Ed Fargo
101 Miller Ct
Summerville, SC 29485

Come to NEDRA event and sign up at the NEDRA Registration Table. See the Upcoming Events page for the event schedule.



Please note that both the owner of the vehicle and the driver of the vehicle must be NEDRA members in order to set a new NEDRA record. Please read the "Membership Notes" and "Membership Conduct" before joining.

Yearly Membership                              $35.00
Lifetime Membership                         $200.00
Corporate Membership                       $500.00
Educational Membership - Instructor    $35.00
Lifetime Family Membership               $500.00
Educational Membership - Student         $5.00


Becoming a NEDRA member entitles you to several benefits:

Only NEDRA members can hold NEDRA Records and be entered in the 100 mph Club*

Being part of a movement that is pushing the limits of EV performance technology


For further information regarding your current status or other related Membership issues contact Ed Fargo.


Membership Application
All applications subject to review. The NEDRA Board reserves the right to approve or reject an application for membership.

NEDRA Records
Due to the historical nature and promotion of EVs, records and 100 mph club entries are the property of NEDRA once they are published and cannot be removed if a member chooses to end their membership. Stories and articles about member achievements are also the property of NEDRA.

Member Conduct
NEDRA's purpose is to provide World Class Electric Drag Racing and at the same time have fun racing. NEDRA expects its members to maintain a high level of decorum, responsibility and safety both on and off the track. Poor sportsmanship, misrepresentation and discourteous behaviortowards other members, the organization and/or the NEDRA Board will not be tolerated and may result in membership suspension.

Drag racing is a dangerous sport. There is no such thing as a guaranteed safe drag race. Drag racing always carries with it the risk of serious injury or death in any number of ways. This risk will always exist no matter how much everyone connected with drag racing tries to make our sport safer. Although NEDRA works to promote and enhance the safety of the sport, there are no guarantees that such safety measures will guarantee or ensure safety. The participant always has the responsibility for the participant's own safety, and by participating in drag racing, the participant accepts all risks of injury, whether due to negligence, vehicle failure, or otherwise. If at any time a participant does not accept these risks, the participant agrees not to participate in drag racing.

Throughout this Rulebook, a number of references are made for particular products to meet certain specifications (i.e., SFI Specs, Snell, DOT, etc.). It is important to realize that these products are manufactured to meet certain specifications, and upon completion, the manufacturer labels the product as meeting that spec. Therefore, except as outlined under SFI requirements, any change to the product voids that certification.

Under no circumstances may any certified product be modified, altered, or in any way vary from the "as manufactured" condition. Such a practice is in violation of the SFI, Snell, DOT, etc. program, voids such certification and therefore will not be accepted by NEDRA.

Rulebook Notice
It is the responsibility of the participant, not NEDRA or any track, to ensure that all safety equipment is not modified or altered, is approved and is correctly installed, worn, maintained and used.

Advertising and other Materials/Displays
NEDRA reserves the right to regulate any advertising or other material that is present on site at any NEDRA event including without limitation any material appearing on any participant, on the body or any other visible part of any vehicle or transporter participating in NEDRA events including on support vehicles, in any pit area, in any area of the drag strip from the staging lanes to the end of the drag strip, and any item or material on site that may constitute a product placement. Participants and vehicles may be excluded from competition and from event facilities if, in NEDRA's discretion, any advertising or other material displayed on a person, race or support vehicle, or in a pit area or otherwise is not in the best interests of NEDRA and the sport of drag racing, and/or is or may be in conflict with any applicable law. Moreover, NEDRA will require compliance with all guidelines and requirements of any telecaster for events that will be telecast. In addition, NEDRA may require certain indicia to be visible on a vehicle as a condition of participation in competition if NEDRA determines that such requirement is in the best interests of NEDRA and the sport of drag racing.
By way of illustration and without limitation, online gambling is an activity deemed by NEDRA to be not in the best interests of NEDRA and the sport of drag racing, and an activity that NEDRA will not allow to be displayed or advertised on site at any NEDRA event or in connection with NEDRA in any manner whatsoever. Websites that allow gaming that is entirely free and for fun may be permitted pursuant to further guidelines that may be requested from NEDRA. Violation of any part of any such guideline will be treated as violation of the NEDRA Rulebook.


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