Top Racer by Class 1/4 mile

(SP) Street Production

“Dragtimes” Tesla Model P100 2016 Owner / Driver: Brooks Weisblat 

 (PP) Pro-Street Production

Nissan Leaf ,"Current Attraction",392 volts
Owner: Tammy Fargo

(MP) Modified Street Production

Club Car DS, "Tee Time" 204 Volt
Owner: Carson Steen

(SC) Street Conversion

Joule Injected

"Joule Injected" Nissan 240SX 300volts
Owner / Driver: Matt Graham

(PS) Pro-Street Conversion

DC Plasma

1972 Datsun "White Zombie"355 volts
Driver: Tim Brehm

(MC) Modified Street Conversion

DC Plasma

"S11" 1994 "Lemon Juice" , 333 volts
Sponsors: Lawless Industries

(XS) Extreme Street

DC Plasma

Black Current III - 400V
Sponsor: AmTecs Ltd

(FC) Funny Car

Open for record

(DR) Dragster


Swamp Rat 37, Dragster - 409 volts
Sponsor: Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing

(PMC) Production Motorcycle

"EGO" ,24volts
Owner / Driver: Jonathan Belak

(MPC) Modified Production  Motorcycle

Motorcycle Zero,
Owner / Driver: Jeremiah Johnson

(SMC) Street Motorcycle

Owner/Driver: Jeff "Dice" Disinger

(DMC) Drag Motorcycle


"Rocket" 355 volts
Driver: Larry "Spiderman" McBride

(CV) Concept Vehicle

Motorcycle -192 Volt AGNS Lawless Ind
Owner: Shawn Lawless

(-HS) High Schools and High School level trade schools


Pontiac Firebird "Shock and Awe"
Owner: Bothell High School

(-ED) Colleges and universities and post-highschool college level trade schools

Short Circuit

"Short Circuit" Dragster 192 Volts
Owner: Muskegon Community College



Top Racer by Class 1/8 mile

(SP) Street Production

Orange Tesla
Driver/Owner::John Jaeger

 (PP) Pro-Street Production

Nissan Leaf ,"Current Attraction",392 volts
Owner: Ed Fargo

(MP) Modified Street Production

EZGO LSV, "Teed Off" 144 Volts
Owner/ Driver: Randy Hopper

(SC) Street Conversion

TVR 280i 1987 , 184 volts
Owner / Driver : Bob Salem

(PS) Pro-Street Conversion

Ford Mustang "Zombie 222" 393 volts
Owner / Driver: Mitchell Medford

(MC) Modified Street Conversion

DC Plasma

"S11" 1994 Chevy S10, 363 volts
Sponsors: Lawless Industries

(XS) Extreme Street

Owner: True Cousins

(FC) Funny Car

Factory Five Roadster "Snake Oil " 240 volts
Owner / Driver: Wayne Krauth

(DR) Dragster


"Panic in Detroit" Dragster - 396 volts
Owner/Driver: John Metric

(PMC) Production Motorcycle

Open for record

(MPC) Modified Production  Motorcycle

Open for record

(SMC) Street Motorcycle

Honda 1993 CBR600 F2
Owner:/Driver: Klaus Niessen

(DMC) Drag Motorcycle

Silver Bullit

Motorcycle -191 Volt ,Silver Bullitt
Owner: True Cousins

(CV) Concept Vehicle

ShelbEV , 204 volts
Driver: Michael Kadie

(-HS) High Schools and High School level trade schools

DC Plasma

Porsche 944 288 volts
Owner: Miramar High School

(-ED)  Colleges and universities and post-highschool college level trade schools

"Professor" 173 Volts
Owner: Tulsa Community College

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Colleagues, we are invited to attend the PRI Sanctioning body meeting at the attached time and place.

The SFI Foundation will again be hosting a motorsports forum for sanctioning body officials at this year’s Performance Racing Industry Trade Show.  The primary purpose of this forum will be for sanctioning body officials to get together and engage in informal conversation regarding matters of mutual concern.  Naturally, SFI Foundation personnel will be in attendance and will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding SFI’s various safety related programs and services.

We sincerely hope that you and your associates will be able to join us and a representative cross section of sanctioning body officials in discussing how we might collectively work toward the advancement of safety in all motorsports disciplines.  This will be a great opportunity for you to meet with others who may share many of your experiences and objectives.

We’ll be starting at 8:00 AM sharp.  To help get your day started, we’ll be serving hot and cold beverages, along with some light snacks.

 DATE:           Friday December 7, 2018
TIME:           8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
                       MEETING ROOM 210

Also, please note that the schedule of the various SFI Specification Committee Meetings to be held during the show are hereby attached, and can also be found on our internet website at  Please feel welcome and encouraged for you and your associates to attend any of these meetings that you might find to be of interest.

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact any of us at the SFI Foundation office.  We look forward to seeing you in Indianapolis in December.


 Motorsports Manager

The "NEDRA Classes, Voltage Divisions and Record Rules" page has been modified to reflect the new motorcycle watts up table and rules changes.

The Wheelie Shot


Folks have been asking for the back story of a big wheelie I accidentally made (and was captured on the way down by a track photographer).  It was a simple error, compounded by screwy communication between a tablet and the Hairball, which as many of you know, communicates with a Z1K or Z2K. I was racing at 1350A and had made passes at 1400A before, but never 1500.  After rounds I wanted to try a pass at 1500 so attempted to make the change.  I didn’t know that the tablet I have been using to program the Hairball for years had a weak battery (due to a faulty charge cable) so it only had a few percent charge remaining.  I had trouble updating the Hairball: when I put in 1500 in would display it as 356 or some other small number.  I eventually got it to accept 1000A (or so I thought). My racing philosophy is to make incremental changes, one at a time.  I don’t want any surprises and I try to understand the impact of each change.  It helps consistency when you’re ET racing.  Ha!Unbeknownst to me, there were evidently noisy signals or something being sent to the Hairball, it changed an “option” setting and it thought it was controlling a Z1K.  1000A means it was outputting 100%.  I have a Z2K which means 100% is 2000A, a fact that soon presented itself to me. I was by myself on the line, burnout was typical (I just clean the tire off) and I rolled up to launch.  Yellow, yellow, yellow, twist throttle fully open and – rotate.  I’m sure it started moving forward a little bit but all I felt was myself being lifted skyward as previously unexperienced torque lifted the bike around the sticky rear tire.  Some sort of primordial instinct made me slam the throttle shut (I was probably thinking “this doesn’t feel right”) just in time and fortunately, I didn’t go over backwards.  The bike came down hard and after I straightened out I rolled into it again, more slowly.  About half track I tried to use 100% again but it just wanted to wheelie so I rolled through the traps and turned off. The woman who has been handing me time slips for the past 5 years said “I’ve never seen you do that before” to which I replied “and I hope you never see it again!”

Fastest Member's Speeds Club

A new club has been added to the web site. It is "Fastest Member's Speeds Club". This is for all NEDRA members to keep track of thier fastest speeds. You do not have to set a record to belong to this club. The link is to the left on this page. Please review and send the webmaster any changes and or additions.

There is a revised Vehicle Inspection Form, check it out.

The Submitting Records form has also been updated.



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Go to the Upcoming Events page for detail Can-Am Bash

Can-Am Bash
August 5, 2018 at Winterport Dragway, Maine.

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More to come!

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October 3, 2014

MotorWeek | Over the Edge: EV Drag Racing features NEDRA President John Metric and his Miata, Assault and Battery.
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December 2, 2013
CBS Evening News featuring NEDRA President John Metric and his Miata, Assault and Battery.

November 5, 2013
Top Gear featuring the Lawless dragster and S-10 and Miramar HS Porsche 944.

October 16, 2013
NOVA PBS "Making Stuff Faster" featuring John Wayland's White Zombie



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