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NEDRA NEWS - April 27, 2015
We at NEDRA are pleased to announce the Inaugural 2015
NEDRA Points Championship Series.

Since 1997 NEDRA has been the record keeping and sanctioning organization for electric drag racing. Now, going into our 18th year, we have crafted a platform on which anyone can successfully compete and win.

With a bracket racing format consistency and driver skill are the winning combinations. Not everyone can achieve a record-setting low ET, but attention to details like tires, tire pressure, state-of-charge, launch technique, documentation, etc... can make any Leaf, Tesla, or -other- electric vehicle owner a formidable competitor. These are the folks we want on board. It is primarily driver skill and skill at maintaining vehicle consistency in addition to actually acquiring time slips than makes for a winning combination.

Many are familiar with former NEDRA competitor Dennis Berube. Much of what Dennis accomplished was winning at bracket racing. A reliable and consistent package coupled with a sharp driver brought Dennis quite a few purses.
The purpose of the Inaugural 2015 NEDRA Points Championship Series is to make the fun and excitement of electric vehicle drag racing competition accessible to everyone.

Interest in, and ownership of EVs is growing rapidly. When NEDRA was founded you could not buy an EV in the showroom from a major automaker, you had to convert an existing vehicle or have one converted. There was no lithium battery technology in use, all was lead-acid.

Now, in 2015, we have the most famous drag racer in the world, "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, going after 200mph on batteries. Videos showing folks reacting to the -insane- acceleration of a Tesla P85D have gone viral. EVs are poised to dominate many forms of motor racing. We encourage all EV owners to be a part of this now and in the future.


Thanks, Good Luck and Be Safe

Roy LeMeur
NEDRA Competition Director

Street Car Drags 2015

 NEDRA NEWS - January 18, 2015 – West Palm Beach, FL

It’s not exactly unusual to see a Lamborghini or Ferrari tooling around the streets of South Florida, but every year the StreetCarDrags event brings together about a hundred of these and other exotic street cars and high performance supercars for a day of drag racing at Palm Beach International Raceway. This year, in a continuing upward trend, more than 15 percent of the competitors were driving electric vehicles, including three Tesla Model S P85Ds and eleven other variants of the Model S. But while the Teslas dominated the event as far as the number of cars competing, they did not take the top honor of quickest quarter mile elapsed time (ET) for an electric vehicle.

For the third year in a row, the National Electric Drag Racing Association has actively participated in the StreetCarDrags event. NEDRA members racing electric vehicles at the event were StreetCarDrags organizer Brooks Weisblat with his Tesla Model S P85D, NEDRA Executive Vice President Lowell Simmons with the Miramar High School Porsche 944, Bob Salem with his TVR 280i and Michel Bertrand with his Porsche 911. All four set NEDRA world records at this event. Also present for vehicle inspection and world record verification were NEDRA Southeast U.S. Regional Director and Secretary/Treasurer Matt Graham, Production Class Technical Director, Ed Fargo, and Marketing Director, Keith Howard.

The field of vehicles at the 2015 StreetCarDrags included Lamborghini Hurricanes and Gallardo's, McLaren MP4-12Cs, several Nissan GT-Rs, a Ferrari F12 and 458 Italia, a Mercedes E63S AMG, an Audi RS7 and S8, a Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 and a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. One of the most anticipated races was between the 700 HP 6.2L supercharged Hemi-powered Hellcat and the 690 HP dual motor Model S P85D. In spectacular fashion, Brooks Weisblat in the Tesla set a NEDRA SP/A3 quarter-mile world record of 11.683 seconds at 114 mph, while the Hellcat smoked the tires through the first eighth-mile for a disappointing finish. Later that afternoon, Brooks ran a backup time of 11.690 seconds in a tight match with the E63S AMG, which had a competitive time of 11.770 seconds. Meanwhile the other thirteen Model S vehicles made pass after pass of consistent 12-second runs.

In a race with a Tesla Model S P85D, Lowell Simmons in the Miramar High School Porsche 944 ran a quicker 10.524 second ET versus 11.925 seconds for the Tesla. Later, Lowell ran a blistering 9.967 second quarter-mile ET and set a NEDRA HM/A3 eighth-mile world record of 6.329 seconds. He also took home the prize for the best reaction time of the day, with a nearly perfect 0.003 second RT.

Long-time EV racer, Bob Salem persevered through some battery challenges early in the day, forcing him to make some changes to the pack and compete in a lower voltage division. After a few passes in the TVR, Bob set a new NEDRA SC/D eighth-mile world record of 9.128 seconds at 72.92 mph. And Michel Bertrand, who drove all the way from Montreal to Florida with the triple AC motor 911 in tow, set a NEDRA PS/F world record in the quarter-mile with a 13.888 second run at 92.21 mph. All records have been verified by NEDRA and are posted at www.nedra.com.

Matt Graham



NEDRA Production class racing takes off with a new race team

Current Attraction

NEDRA NEWS - Summerville SC, (November 23, 2014) Ed & Tammy Fargo and their “Current Attraction” Nissan LEAF have hit the Bracket racing circuit and in their first two events are showing the local ICE racers the advantages of electric racing.

Take a used 2012 Nissan Leaf, change the tires and rims, add a decal or two and go racing!
It may be slower than the usual EV drag racing vehicle, but it is a daily driver and in the first two events the team made it to the quarter and semifinals.

From the team:
Back to foot brake racing.
Since we had not foot brake raced in over a decade we had a simple goal in our first big bracket race, win a round. This was a $2400 race so some of the state’s heavy hitters were here. The no box category had 34 cars at one of the best IHRA tracks in SC. Most of the cars were purpose built race cars with a few street driven vehicles like ours. We were the only electric.
The track was familiar with NEDRA and the only question they had was the designation on the car. They liked the idea of a production class.

Current Attraction performed as we had hoped. All the runs were very consistent with a total spread of only .03 seconds all day on our dial in. Ed’s reaction times were all good as the car launched very consistently, much better than most of our earlier ICE bracket cars.

We reached our goal in the first round by beating a Mustang. Then we won the second round, the third, the fourth and making through a few more to the Semifinals before losing by .014 of a second on the total package.
It was an outstanding day. The staging track official remembered us for our Blower car days and had picked us to win the event.

Maybe next time.

SW-37 Burnout

NEDRA NEWS - Bradenton, FL (June 7, 2014) "Big Daddy" Don Garlits attempted to break 200 mph over the weekend but just fell short of that goal following a brush spring failure.

Here is a first hand account from Shawn Lawless about the weekend's amazing attempt at Bradenton Motorsports Park. This incredible account shows just what's involved to go after 200 mph on electrons. Shawn's company, Lawless Industries, is overseeing the electronic drive components of Don Garlits Swamp Rat 37 dragster. Click on the photos for larger images.


NEDRA Racers on History Channel's Top Gear Re-Airs Nov 12, 2013 at 11:00 pm ET!

Lemon Juice

NEDRA NEWS - MICHIGAN (November 12, 2013) Tune in to Top Gear on the History Channel Tuesday, November 12, 2013 for a re-air of the last week's episode. See show hosts Adam, Rutledge, and Tanner take a spin in the Black Pearl - Miramar High School's electric Porsche 944, Lemon Juice - Shawn Lawless' electric S-10 and the Matrix dragster. Filmed at Milan Dragway in Michigan. This is a great episode! The NEDRA racers appear at the beginning so be sure to tune in early.

Show airings:

November 12, 2013 - 11:02PM-12:01AM ET
November 13, 2013 - 03:03AM-04:02AM ET

Rutledge and Tanner

Tanner driving the Matrix

CBS Evening News Features NEDRA and John Metric

Assault and Battery

NEDRA NEWS - New York (December 3, 2013) The CBS Evening News featured NEDRA and John Metric's Miata, Assault and Battery Tuesday night with Scott Pelly. The segment was about the future of electric racing. John gave a great interview. A video is worth 10,000 words so check it out.

Jeff "Dice" Disinger Appears in Premier Issue of NewMotor 001

The Diceman Runneth

NEDRA NEWS - New York (November 30, 2013) Check out The premiere edition, NewMotor 001! Featuring an interview with NEDRA Member, Jeff Disinger, EV drag racer and creative genius, with ten minutes of video. Also in this issue: interview with SAAB Public Relations Officer Mikael Östlund regarding their EV plans, and photos and an interview with Fiat 500e chief engineer Brett Glem. Internet access required to view videos. About NewMotor...NewMotor covers Alternative Fuel Vehicles (EVs, hybrids, Fuel Cell, etc...) and the people that make them go.

The issue is available from iTunes. Follow this link for more information and to download your copy today!


Assault and Battery Sets New 1/4 Mile Record at 9.12 Seconds at 145 mph!

NEDRA NEWS - TEXAS (October 11, 2013) NEDRA President John Metric took his Miata, Assault and Battery to an all-time 1/4 mile record for a door slammer at Royal Purple Raceway with a best time of 9.12 at 145 mph!

John ran Assault and Battery with a newly installed 333 volt LiPo pack and two 2000 amp Zilla controllers feeding dual NetGain 9-inch motors. For the first run, John was conservative and set the battery amps to 900 on both speed controllers and sag voltage to 300V.

When he approached the line he accidently knocked the line lock switch off its mount so he had to do the burnout the old fashioned way. At first the car spun the wheels off the line but caught traction a fraction of a second later. John kept pulling it straight and made it down the track. Just for kicks he pulled the parachute and turned a respectable time for his first run which was his best time so far with the car.

60ft 1.578
330' 4.108
660' 6.250 114.42mph
1320' 9.745 139.70mph

The new pack stayed strong and beat the Mustang by .01 seconds.

With a 9.5 run in his sights and the pack warmed up which should gain more HP, John deflated the tires a couple PSI to gain more traction. He told his crew he was planning to leave the Zillas set at 900 amps but John's son yells, "900amps, 900amps, I didn't come all this way to run 900amps." So dad, raised it to 1100amps. Unfortunately, the battery charger was having some programming issues so John was only running the charger at 1/3 power so he charged the lithium batteries the best he could before the second run.

To add some drama to the evening John's Miata danced off the line on it's second run. He had a good burnout, but the front tires went up in the air and the car pirouetted and took a hard right turn directly towards the truck in the other lane. When the wheels came back down the car jerked violently back to the left, but he was able to gain control.

Back in the pits John's crew lowered the tire pressure some more, fixed the line lock switch holder, decided to try to feather on the power with his foot versus just mashing it. Another hour goes by and they head up to the front again for the third launch. John figured he had two good runs left for the night.

At the line John does a massive burnout and with the latest settings pulls a 9.1!

60ft 1.312
330' 3.729
660' 5.793 118.29mph
1320' 9.161 144.23mph

John deploys the chute for kicks and beat a black Mustang this time.

At this point John is contemplating the eights but decides not to get greedy with the settings and leaves everything where it is and try another run. With five minutes left before the track closes John makes his fastest past ever.

60' 1.315
330' 3.771
660' 5.802 120.88mph
1320' 9.122 145.16mph

John has a new NEDRA XS/A2 Record. He would like to thank his crew and fellow EV enthusiasts who came out including Nathan Metric, Adam Clark, Kevin Douglass and wife, Keith Howard and Wife (who both drove their EVs.

John's 9.12 ET

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October 3, 2014
MotorWeek | Over the Edge: EV Drag Racing features NEDRA President John Metric and his Miata, Assault and Battery.
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December 2, 2013
CBS Evening News featuring NEDRA President John Metric and his Miata, Assault and Battery.

November 5, 2013
Top Gear featuring the Lawless dragster and S-10 and Miramar HS Porsche 944.

October 16, 2013
NOVA PBS "Making Stuff Faster" featuring John Wayland's White Zombie
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