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NEDRA Raises $2215 for Autism Awareness

NEDRA News, Sept 1, 2009 - The Wayland Invitational IV electric drag racing EVent raised $2215 for Autism Awareness. Funds were raised through an online motor auction and raffle sales at the event.

Proceeds went towards Curtis 'Junior'Cottengim who has autism and needs a service dog to keep him calm and safe. Thanks to all those who donated. You can still donate through PayPal or by mail.


On your check PLEASE make sure you write in the memo IN HONOR OF CURTIS COTTENGIM. That way it will go towards his Service dog.

Download the Curtis "Junior" Autism Awareness Flyer and Donation Form

NEDRA Hits the Airwaves

NEDRA News, December 10 - NEDRA was recently featured on ESPN Radio 800 December 2 on "Totally Motorsports." Check out the interviews of "KillaCycle" builder Bill Dube and other other NEDRA members as they discuss what goes into the vehicles and what to look forward to for 2008 with our Season opener the "Electric Dragin" and Battery Beach Burnout events.

Follow this link to the interviews:

NEDRA Announces New Officers for 2008

NEDRA News, December 8 - Congratulations to Shawn Lawless who is the President-Elect for NEDRA and to Jim Ludiker who is our Vice-President Elect. Both Shawn and Jim will begin their two-year terms beginning January 1, 2008.

Shawn and Jim are both avid electric drag racers and both are in the NEDRA 100 mph Club. Shawn owns Orange Juice and the AGNuS motorcycle which has broken many NEDRA records and Jim was the driver for "Circuit Breaker," built with Ken Koch. We will be posting updated bios soon.

Lets welcome both Shawn and Jim as NEDRA begins another decade of World Class Electric Drag Racing.

We also want to thank both Brian Hall for his work as President and "Father Time" Don Crabtree for his efforts as Vice President and his intermidiary term as President. Both Brian and Father Time will continue to be active in the organization as builders and racers.

KillaCycle Breaks the 7's in the Quarter Mile at Pomona Raceway!!

KillacycleNEDRA News, November 10 - The world’s quickest electric motorcycle, the “KillaCycle” piloted by Scotty Pollacheck, made yet another record breaking run this year, this time at Pomona Raceway in California, and this time breaking into the 7's. Bill Dube, owner of the KillaCycle proclaimed earlier in the year his goal was "7's in 2007" and we are proud to say he and Scotty made it.

Here is the story as told by Bill Dube.

"We were the first bike down the track this morning. We did the burnout and the bike hooked up perfectly off the line. When the bike finished the pass, and 7.82 at 168 mph came up on the board, the fans in the stands didn't cheer. Instead, they _all_, simultaneously, said "wooooow". They were all left speechless and slack-jawed at what they had witnessed. It was awesome.

Because of the tight schedule, we knew we would only get one more chance to back up the 7.82 for an official NEDRA record. Scotty and I decided that we would play it safe and ease the bike off the line, then hammer it once it was linked up solid. In this way, we would not spin the tire and blow our chance, but would back off a bit, and still get the bike over the line in under 8 seconds. Scotty ran it perfectly and posted a 7.991 @ 160 mph giving us a NEDRA record in the 7's. Ken Koch was on hand to do the official NEDRA inspection and to sign the NEDRA record form.

Back in the pits, after congratulations etc. for the crowd, Jim Ludiker and I were standing next to the bike discussing the run, and a VERY attractive (and well-endowed) young woman came up to me and said 'That was a terrific run you made. Let me show you my tits.' She then pulled down her already plunging neckline, flashed us both, smiled, and then casually walked away. We were all speechless.I wonder what will happen if we get the bike in the 6's? :-)"

Designed and constructed by engineer Bill Dube’ and the KillaCycle team; Steve Ciciora, Derek Barger, and Scot Colburn, the bike is the product of a marriage between state-of-the-art battery technology and old-fashioned “do-it-in-the-garage” workmanship. The bike is powered by 880, 2.3 amp-hr Lithium Ion cells made by A123 Systems. Each of these 70 gram, 3.4 volt cells is about the size of a roll of lifesavers, yet can put out over 150 amps! They are the most powerful Lithium Ion cells ever manufactured. The Zilla 2K-HV motor controller, made by Cafe’ Electric directs 374 volt, 1350 amp flow of electricity from the battery pack to the twin electric motors.

Visit the KillaCycle website for more. The new record will be posted on the website within the next few days.

NEDRA featured in the AP

NEDRA was also featured in an Associated Press article that came out July 31. See the online version of the article in USA Today.

Earlier this year NEDRA was featured in the April and May issues of Hot Rod Magazine, the May issue of Car and Driver and the July issue of Hemmings Motor News.

NEDRA is silently making waves in the media.

Hemmings Motor News Gives NEDRA Website a Plug

NEDRA News, June 20 - NEDRA was recognized by Hemmings Motor News as the publication's "Cyber Cruising" site of the month giving the site a rating of 4 stars. The July 2007 issue, available on newstands today, compliments NEDRA by saying the site is "nicely constucted with professional-looking graphics and logical navigation."

The article, written by "Hemmings" new editor and chief Mike McNessor, gives a brief history of NEDRA and cites several accomplishments by the organization and its members.

Earlier this year NEDRA was featured in Hot Rod and Car and Driver magazines.

White Zombie Rips Into the 11's

Grudge Match

NEDRA News, June
29 - With a rebuilt motor and weeks of preparation all the hard work has paid off. On it's fourth run of the night at Portland International Raceway, John Wayland's White Zombie, piloted by Tim Brehm took the zealous Zombie into the elevens and into the record books with a blistering 11.948 second ET at almost 110 mph. Terminal speed was 109.75 mph. The powerful Enersys batteries just keep on putting out more after each run. The sixty foot time was a very impressive 1.667 so not only is it pulling hard on the far end it is still launching like an F-14! The eighth mile was also impressive with a 7.520 ET at almost 90 mph, 89.48 to be exact. The 11.948 is a new world record as it is backed up with a 12.037 run.

On his second run of the evening White Zombie turned a 12.140 at 107.06 mph. This is the first time that the "White Zombie" has eclipsed 107 mph. The first run was also impressive as the car had never turned over 100 mph on a first run with cold batteries. It turned a 12.433 at 101.99 mph. On his second run he blew the doors off the Vette in the other lane.

They barely missed the elevens on their third run with a 12.037 at 108.56 mph. Tim Brehm had a reaction time on that run of .002. They blew off the BMW in the other lane. At the eighth they were at 7.566 at 88.73 mph.

On the final run of the night the little "White Zombie" lined up against a snorting big block built to the hilt 455 cu in V8 stuffed into a small light bright orange Pontiac Tempest. Of course it was no match as the Zombie reeled off another run in the 11s with an ET of 11.960 at 110.14 mph. The Pontiac turned in a time with a 12.523 at 108.7 mph.

Congratulations go out to John and Tim and also Jim Husted of Hi-Tourque electric for rebuilding the "Siamese 8" motor. The motor has held up well under this new extreme performance. They kept the controller down to 1000 battery amps and the Enersys batteries will take 1500. So the car still has more potential.

The historic event was being filmed and written up by a reporter from The Wall Street Journal. The story will be on the development of EV Racing in America and on NEDRA.

Power of DC Cancelled due to Tropical Storm Barry

NEDRA News, June 4 - After 6 years running without a weather delay the 7th Annual Power of DC was cancelled due to Tropical Storm Barry. Only Chip Gribben and Joe Lado were able to make it down the track before the weather hit. The Power of DC may be rescheduled later in the summer or fall. Other racers who had come to the event were Shawn Lawless with OJ, AGNuS, and the Nash Electropolitan; Darin Gilber with his 96-volt Piranha motorcycle; the Great Mills High School MR2 and Mike Harvey's VW Cabriolet.

John Wayland Interview on Vinny's Garage

NEDRA News, May 13 - NEDRA member John Wayland, owner of the record breaking White Zombie, recently interviewed on Vinny's Garage.

The podcast interview between Vinny and John, will run on on Tuesday May 15, 5:00 pm Pacific Time. It will also be on Vinny's website

The MP3 (36 Megs) of the interview can be downloaded at

AGNS Motorcycle Takes 3 New NEDRA Records!

NEDRA News, May 10 - On it's third NEDRA Record attempt in one week, the "All Go No Show" electric motorcycle built by Lawless industries and piloted by Denis Stanislaw has unofficially broken yet another NEDRA record, this time at 120 volts. First run of the day was 13.85 at 92.47 mph. A quick recharge later and a 13.78 at 94.723 mph.

Having celebrated another record and with some extra time to kill the Lawless team decided to see how the bike could handle 192 volts which realistically is 215 volts with the batteries charged. So they stuffed 6 more Hawker 12 volt batteries in the frame. Denis came down the track like he was sent from a silent cannon but at 600 ft. the motors decided to put on a light show accompanied by sparks and sound effects and the two PM motors fried as the bike ran a 13.39 at 93.83 mph. You need to push the envelope to see what the equipment can handle.

Once NEDRA officials review the timeslips of this latest attempt and the record becomes official this will be three records (72, 96 and 120 volt classes) in one week by one vehicle, which is a NEDRA record in itself.

On May 3 AGNS set a record for the 72 volt class with an 1/8th mile of 8.86 seconds @ 77.11 MPH. Then on May 6, the Lawless team bumped the voltage up to 96 and set a new record for that voltage with a run of 8.66 seconds at 78.16 MPH.

Click the pics for a larger image.

AGY     AGY Racing

Photos courtesy of Shawn Lawless of Lawless Industries.

AGNS Makes it into the 100 MPH Club

AGY at start
Click here to go to the 100 MPH Club Page to see
a detailed picture of Agnus

NEDRA News, May 19 - After tearing up the track with 4 consecutive NEDRA records the Lawless Industries Agnus (All Go No Show) motorcycle, running at 144 volts, has again made it into the record books with a run of 106 mph on Saturday May 19 at Thompson Raceway Park in Ohio.

Agnus pilot Denis Stanislaw is now a member of the NEDRA 100 MPH Club. Congratulations!

NEDRA Featured in May 2007 Car and Driver

NEDRA News, April 28, 2007 - Car and Driver magazine's May 2007 issue features a story on NEDRA called "Batteries Included" which gives a riveting account of what it's like behind the wheel of John Wayland's electric drag racer, "White Zombie," a 1972 Datsun Sedan that can tear down the quarter mile at 106 mph in 12.151 seconds, leaving it's gas powered competition behind.

"Car and Driver" journalist Ted West experienced for himself the massive amount of torque the car produced at the starting line (772 foot pounds at zero RPM) forcing his helmet back against the seat as the car lurched with it's front wheels lifted off the ground. The "White Zombie" beat every gas contender that day including a 351Mustang Mach I.

In addition to John Wayland and his driver Tim Brehm, the story profiles other members of the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) who defy the myth that EVs are glorified golf-carts. This group of backyard "lunatic fringe" hobbyists profiled in the article includes Otmar Ebenhoech who designs high- powered DC controllers called the "Zilla" that can tame the massive amounts of current running through these machines and Jim Husted, the builder of the "White Zombie" motor - the "Siamese 8". The custom motor features two motors sharing a single 3-foot long armature. Other NEDRA members profiled in the article include NEDRA's Vice President, 70 year-old "Father Time", racing his electric motorcycle "Frankendragon" and former NEDRA President Roderick Wilde drag racing "Gone Postal", a four-wheel drive dual-motor converted Grumman Postal van.

This is a must see article!

Otmar Ebenhoech Featured on Peak Moment Television

NEDRA News, April 26 The father of the Zilla motor controller and president of Cafe Electric, Otmar Ebenhoech, is featured in an interview with Janaia Donaldson on Peak Moment Television. The Zilla is the most popular motor controller used in electric drag racing today.

The 20 minute YouTube interview is one of the most comprehensive EV interviews produced. Check it out and support Peak Moment Television which brings examples of positive responses to energy decline and climate change through local community action.

World’s Fastest Electric-Powered Drag Bike Breaks Record at 156 mph in 8.16 seconds

KillacycleNEDRA News, April 2 - The world’s quickest electric motorcycle, the “KillaCycle”, made several record breaking runs at the All Harley Drag Racing Association (AHDRA) over the weekend at the Firebird Speedway, Chandler, AZ. Killacycle, driven by Scotty Pollacheck, who just recently made the quickest electric-powered 1/4 mile run in history (8.760 seconds @145 mph) scorched that record on Saturday, March 31 with an official time of 8.210 @ 155.59 mph!

On it's first run of the day KillaCycle clocked 8.30 seconds at 153 mph.

Then on Sunday April 1, KillaCycle beat all it's previous records with another record breaking run of 8.16 seconds at 156 mph.

Just how many times are we going to have to rewrite this story? One things for sure, the 7's are looking pretty close. Stay tuned for more details soon with all the official times.

Check out the YouTube video of the record breaking run made on Saturday at the All Harley Drags. Thanks to Jim Husted, the builder of KillaCycle's motors, for the weekend updates.

Designed and constructed by engineer Bill Dube’ and the KillaCycle team; Steve Ciciora, Derek Barger, and Scot Colburn, the bike is the product of a marriage between state-of-the-art battery technology and old-fashioned “do-it-in-the-garage” workmanship. The bike is powered by 880, 2.3 amp-hr Lithium Ion cells made by A123 Systems. Each of these 70 gram, 3.4 volt cells is about the size of a roll of lifesavers, yet can put out over 150 amps! They are the most powerful Lithium Ion cells ever manufactured. The Zilla 2K-HV motor controller, made by Cafe’ Electric directs 374 volt, 1350 amp flow of electricity from the battery pack to the twin electric motors.

Visit the KillaCycle website for more.

NEDRA Featured in Hot Rod

NEDRA News, March 28 - NEDRA is the feature organization profiled in the March 2007 issue of Hot Rod including pictures from several of our recent events. In the April issue, Hot Rod features Bill Dubés 150 mph Killacycle.

White Zombie Debuts at the 51st Annual Portland Roaster

White Zombie

NEDRA News, March 2 - John Wayland's White Zombie was on display at the Portland Roadster Show March 2-4. The show was held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

The Portland Roadster Show is a premiere West Coast hot rodding event featuring several hundred hot rods including the electrified White Zombie which was on display as you enter the convention center.

"Smokin" is the best word to describe the White Zombie display designed by John and his crew which featured a 50-inch Plasma TV playing videos of the White Zombie smoking the doors off Chevelles and Corvettes as well as several 35 second burnouts, cool posters and everything you need to know about the White Zombie and NEDRA.

The car features new Genesis batteries divided into two seperate and isolated 360-volt battery packs. John also installed new copper bus bar interconnects, and high powered contactors – just in time for the 2007 racing season.

NEDRA Announces 2007 Racing Season

NEDRA News, Jan. 2007- NEDRA opens up the 2007 season with the Battery Beach Burnout January 26 at Moroso Motorsports Park in West Palm Beach Florida. The Power of DC will be held June 3 at the Mason Dixon Dragway in Hagerstown, Maryland. NEDRA is also planning a possible race in Las Vegas. The NEDRA Nationals and the Wayland Invitational are also being planned for the West Coast. Dates to be determined.

NEDRA Announces Ken Koch as New Technical Director

NEDRA News, Nov. 2006 - NEDRA welcomes to the NEDRA Board Ken Koch of KTA Services as the new NEDRA Technical Director. Ken is an electrical engineer by trade and brings to the forefront many years experience in EVs from consulting and selling conversion parts for his business and building and racing EVs including the Circuit Breaker dragster owned by Jim Ludiker.

Matt Graham and Otmar Ebenhoech Receive Prestigious NEDRA Awards

NEDRA News, Sep. 2006 - Matt Graham has been awarded the prestigious Ed Rannberg Cup. Otmar Ebenhoech was also recognized and awarded the NEDRA Technical Achievement Award.

Matt received the Rannberg Cup for his outstanding accomplishment in building and racing his dual motor Nissan 240 SX. Matt was also inducted into the NEDRA 100 mph Club and his car has been voted "Number One" in the Drag Times web site. Matt is also a member of the Florida Electric Auto Association and co-founder of the Battery Beach Burnout EV racing event.

Otmar Ebenhoech, owner of Cafe Electric, was awarded the NEDRA Technical Achievement award for his outstanding contribution for building the "Zilla" high powered 300+ voltage DC motor controllers used by a majority of the NEDRA racers today. He has been active in the EV movement for over 15 years and races a Porsche 914 named California Poppy which he uses as a test bed for testing his line of Zilla controllers.

Congratulations to both Matt and Otmar for their outstanding achievements.

NEDRA Members featured on Monster Garage

NEDRA News, April 2006 - NEDRA guys Rich Rudman and Shawn Lawless were on Monster Garage this past April 10 as part of Jesse James crew to build an electric powered drag car from a 1962 Chevy Bel Air. The episode was sponsored in part by Milwaukee Tools who provided several hundred 28 volt Lithium power tool batteries which were used to power the car.

Rich Rudman is the owner of Manzanita Micro which builds a line of high powered battery chargers. Shawn Lawless is the owner of Lawless Industries which builds parade float chassies for Disney and is the owner of, "Orange Juice", an electric dragster.

NEDRA Announces New Class Rules for 2006

NEDRA News, Dec. 2005 – Effective January 2006 NEDRA will be implementing new Class Rules. New classes include the Pro Street Class and the Extreme Class open to funny car type vehicles. See the new Class divisions at NEDRA Classes and Voltage Divisions page.

John Wayland Awarded the 2005 Ed Rannberg Award

NEDRA News, Oct. 2005 – John Wayland has been awarded NEDRA's prestigious Ed Rannberg Award. This past year John has dominated the EV drag racing scense with White Zombie consistently racing the quarter at over 100 mph. He recently ran at 106 mph at Portland International Raceway.

It was at PIR that John organized the Wayland Invitational Street Drags in September featuring electric drag racers from across the West Coast. Congratulations John.

Power of DC Race Featured on the Discovery Science Channel

NEDRA News, July 2005 – The Discovery Channel filmed highlights from the NEDRA Power of DC which was held June 2005 at the Mason Dixon Dragway in Hagerstown, Maryland. The 6 minute segment entitled "Electric Dragster" aired in October 2005 and is available for download at

Five NEDRA records were broken including one by the Great Mills High School Green Hornet, a converted 252 volt Toyota MR2 built by students from St. Mary's County Maryland. The Green Hornet posted a quarter mile time of 15.938 seconds at 86.5 mph! Another high school racing and breaking a NEDRA record was the Miramar High School from Florida. Miramar ran their Porsche 944, featuring dual 8 inch motors, at 16 seconds.

The Power of DC was held during the Mason Dixon Dragway's Saturday afternoon Test and Tune where local gassers come to test their rides on the strip. So the EVs drew curious glances from the high test crowd. The Miramar Porsche was challenged by a gas powered "pocket rocket" Honda Civic sporting a tuned exhaust. Miramar jumped off the line and blew the Civic away. Robert Salem's 240 volt Voltwagen Rabbit truck was challenged by a gas powered hot rod Lincoln but the Lincoln was no match for Robert's truck. The Discovery Channel caught both races on tape.

Brigham Young University came all the way out from Utah and successfully raced their ultracapacitor powered GM EV-1 and broke their previous NEDRA record by 1.8 seconds! BYU's EV-1 sped down the track at a speed of 91 mph taking the quarter mile at 14.080 seconds!

Sucking Amps on the Discovery Channel April 22, 2004

Visit the following links for more stories on the new show Sucking Amps.

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In the parking lot of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on a bracing Saturday morning, a cluster of men stands around a standard-issue postal Jeep . . .

Megawatt Motorworks Special Delivery
On January 24th fans at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway spotted a colossal EV monster on the blacktop. . .

Electrifying Times Going Postal in Vegas
Filming of the Sucking Amps Discovery Channel TV Pilot . . .

NEDRA in the News

See what the news media is saying about NEDRA World Class Electric Drag Racing

TechTV Gentleman, Charge Your Batteries
The goal of the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) is to provide all the adrenaline-pumping action of short-track racing with an environmental twist . . .,24330,3410274,00.html


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