Roger Hedlund


The Roger Hedlund 150 MPH Club

 NEDRA members who have raced from 150 to 174 mph in the eighth mile.

Hans-Henrik Thomsen
July 26, 2020

163.11 mph

Silver Lightning
 60 ft.: 1.21 1/8 mile ET: 4.613
Event: Mantorp Drag Revival
Track: Mantorp Park
Driver: Hans-Henrik Thomsen
Home Town: Copenhagen, Denmark
Owner: True Cousins
Class/Voltage Division: DMC/A2
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Specs: Dual motors, 350 volts, lithium batteries

John Metric
May 22, 2016

150.77 mph

Panic in Detroit
60ft: 1.301 1/8 mile ET: 4.962 sec.
Event: Sunday Funday
Track: Royal Purple Raceway
Driver: John Metric
Home Town: Lake Jackson, TX
Owner: John Metric
Sponsor: Netgain Motors/Helwig Carbon
Class/Voltage Division: DR/A3
Ampahaulic website
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Specs: Panic in Detroit is driven by four Warp9 motors by Netgain, Helwig Carbon brushes, Manzanita Micro Zilla 2k-EHV's and Lonestar EV Performance Sleeper Cells, It is 2002 Joe Monden Top Dragster.

Don "Big Daddy" Garlits
May 1, 2014

150.93 mph

Swamp Rat 37

ET: 4.629 sec. 60 ft.: 1.092 1/8 mile: 4.629
Track: Bradenton Motorsports Park
Driver/Owner: Don Garlits/Mike Gerry
Home Town: Ocala, Florida
Sponsor: Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing
Class/Voltage Division: DMC/A3
Swamp Rat 37 Website
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Specs: 409 volts, 1.4 Megawatt lithium battery pack built by Derek Berger of HTS, 3 Zilla 2000 amp controllers, 6 7.2-inch GE Motors. Dragster built by Mike Gerry and electric drive by Lawless Industries.

Larry "Spiderman" McBride
April 30, 2011

160.33 mph


ET: 4.667 sec. 60 ft.: 1.237 1/8 mile: 4.667
Track: Virginia Motorsports Park
Driver/Owner: Larry McBride/Shawn Lawless
Home Town: Youngstown, Ohio
Sponsor: AEK, Aaron Equipment, High Tech Systems
Class/Voltage Division: DMC/A3
Lawless Industries Website
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Specs: 351 volts, HTS battery pack built by Derek Berger, Zilla 2000 amp controller, 13-inch GE Motor built by Dennis Berube. Bike constructed by Orange County Choppers as featured in the Lawless Bike Episode.

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