We will race under the following sanctioning body’s rulebooks:
• NHRA Summit Racing Series (E.T. Handicap Racing) - Electric Powered Vehicle - 7.5 and Slower
• NHRA Summit Racing Series (E.T. Handicap Racing) - Electric Powered Motorcycle - 7.5 and Slower
• IHRA Special Vehicles Supplement - Electric Powered Vehicle - 7.5 Seconds and Slower
• IHRA Special Vehicles Supplement - Electric Powered Motorcycle - 7.5 Seconds and Slower
• Eligible FIA/MSA racing programs (contact NEDRA Competition director to see if your local event qualifies)

Points championship entry is open to any vehicle class in the Conversion, Production, Drag, or Motorcycle classes. This is our second year, we will run motorcycles and cars in different series. Racing may be completed with any electronic aids or tires allowed by the event. Racing may be completed and is encouraged in a time bracket that allows you to be the most consistent; this may require one or two steps slower in possible ET. Any style race ET bracket, index, handicap, Grudge, or other event where brackets are formed and elimination of the field is done one round at a time is allowed under qualified timing systems. Races at 4 wide events are allowed. Expulsion from the event for any reason will also preclude applying for points in the NEDRA Points Championship Series for that event. Any kind of street racing, land speed racing, time attack or other non-drag strip racing is excluded from this Championship. 

Points Breakdown:
1. Participation

Each driver gets 1 point for every event tech card purchased per vehicle on race day, i.e. driver may enter a single vehicle in two separate events and get two points. Only NEDRA qualifying vehicles can be used. Vehicle owner and driver must be NEDRA member(s) prior to the event and car must pass race inspection. NEDRA logo (window sticker, decal, bumper sticker) must be present on vehicle. Window stickers may be purchased here. NEDRA is granted a royalty-free license to use any photos, which are the property of the race team and are taken during an event. Proof of Participation will be a NEDRA signed and dated tech sheet with name of event, vehicle# assigned and track event designee sign off.

2. Qualification

Some events require an extra level of performance to enter the event, this is deemed additional exposure for NEDRA and EV drag racing so we award a bonus for this type of racing. Qualify for the event entered and you get 1 point per event. Proof of Qualification will be a time slip with event name and data and vehicle# showing the words “winner” under either driver.

3. Advancement

Beating the opponent is what it is all about and that's where the stories are made. We will award additional bonus points for advancing in the bracket race. Advance in Competition and you get 2 point per time slip. Proof of Qualification will be a time slip with event name and data and vehicle# showing the words “winner” under your car#.

Points Documentation:
Championship Points will be assigned by the director of Competition. All aspects for points qualification will be determined in the following order of precedence: NEDRA Event Director, NEDRA Regional Event Director, NEDRA Regional Competition Director, NEDRA Corporate Worldwide Competition Director. Alternate proof of advancement in bracket racing include:
• Receipt for the tech card or photograph of the event tech card with the event date and name written on it (make sure you get one upon entry or prior to turning it in at inspection)
• NEDRA race inspection form with the event name, your car number and date written on it by the inspector
• Time slip(s) with the event name, date and your vehicle# printed
• Photo of the bracket results, or screenshot of the web posting, or other written proof of the results of the race or races

NEDRA determines final qualification of documents in all cases.

Entry into the NEDRA Points Championship requires a receipt for the $20 application fee and proof of NEDRA membership# for driver and vehicle owner. Multiple drivers may drive a single vehicle but this requires separate entry fees. A single driver may drive multiple vehicles but both vehicles must be owned by NEDRA member(s). Championship points are driver specific not car specific. Driver memberships must be valid for the entire season. Entry can start at any time during the season. 

NEDRA Points Championship Series 2018 Application Fee

The season will be Jan 1, 2018 to Dec 31, 2018. Award will be made in January 2019. A season of drag racing will require lots of paperwork but it is NEDRA’s intent to provide competitors a great splash of news releases, a trophy or plaque, "The Sparky". All regulations and certifications for the sanctioning body holding the bracket race must be met. You are on your honor to meet these criteria. Challenges to your results can be made through NEDRA's challenge procedure.

Participating in a lot of little events with only a single round win here and there can add up quickly versus pinning your hopes on winning in a single 64 vehicle event at the end of the season.

All entry applications for points must be made to the appropriate Competition Director for your class:
• Corporate Competition Director – Roy LeMeur


Printable copy of rules click here.

Contingency Awards:

Applications for Sponsors wishing to offer contingency awards are being taken now.

Current contingency awards:

1. Lonestar EV Performance with it's fourth annual contingency award will award 50% off in store purchases up to $1000 credit to the competitor that wins the championship using Lonestar “Sleeper Cell” batteries and displays a Lonestar EV Performance and NEDRA decals with significant video or photographic evidence.

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