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Ken Trough's Reports from Woodburn 2004

Saturday September 25, 2004

Part 1

Hello Race Fans!

It's a foggy Saturday morning on what is expected to be a beautiful warm sunny day. Today's EV racing looks to be some of the most exciting ever!

Roderick Wilde and the Suck Amps EV Racing team are here with "Gone Postal". Now with super strong front axles, this monster looks like it is finally ready to run hard. Plagued by some weak components in the past, it looks like the bugs are finally ironed out. We might see a record from this monster today.

John Wayland is expected to make his usual stylishly late entrance with the recently upgraded world record holding "White Zombie". They were working late into the night on this lightweight, mustang eating powerhouse. This ride should be pushing deep into the 12s today. At his new higher voltage, John will be competing in a new record class as well.

Brian Hall brought Ice Breaker, his newest dual motor lightweight contender. This ride is expected to break records in a number of voltage classes.

Anyway, we've got a great threesome of exciting powerhouses. Eteks are everywhere. In Roderick's ultra cool full suspension recumbant chopper scooter, in Brian's pocket bike dragster, a pair in the ReVolt drag chopper, in the Jackal, a pair of super pocket bikes from Todd Kollin of Electric Motorsport and Steve Muskarelli of EMW, and a cool offroad Mud E-Runner from Todd as well.

Fiamp is here. The Wind Wagon is here. Big electric drag bikes. Cool stuff everywhere you look. Stay tuned right here for all the results. V is for Voltage has you covered!

Part 2

11:00am - As soon as the fog burns off and things get sunny, we should be seeing some good times today. No wind to speak of so far, and even with the overcast it is already warming up. The first "warm up" run went well. No one broke anything and Gone Postal turned its fastest time ever at 14.00 seconds 96+ mph. I also neglected to mention that Father Time has a new Dragon Bike here.

Watch for updates on that as well...

Part 3

High Noon - On its second run of the day, Gone Postal stripped out third gear on the front transmission at the launch. I have video. Rod just punched it into fourth and took off, finishing with a slow but respectable showing for the run. I don't know if he is out for the day or not.

Father Time is having problems with his alltrax controller, and we don't have the code to reprogram it. Otmar and Wayland haven't shown up yet either.

Gary Longley showed up with a mini car. Giant motor, giant controller, tiny car. Big slicks. It looks fast just sitting there.

Part 4

5:00pm - Lots of records falling today. The biggest story so far is probably Thunderstruck Motors who brought three vehicles and set three new world records.

In his head to head with the Seagull Killer, Rick Roller set the 144V record on ReVolt with a 13.74 second quarter mile! World Record!

In another head to head, this time against Todd Kollin on his 24V Super Pocket bike, Todd turned a 14.43 second quarter mile, but Rick shattered that time on the 24V Etek powered MillECycle at 13.706 seconds! World Record!

Lastly, Brian Hall broke his own world record at 120V in Ice Breaker with a 15.53 seconds Quarter mile! World Record! That's three for three from Thunderstruck. It doesn't get much better than that.

For drama, 83 year old Bob Boyd lost traction at the start on Seagull Killer and completely spun out and laid down the bike. Like most of the old dudes around here, Bob is a serious badass. He was unharmed and walked it off.

Wayland is still struggling. His times are fast, but not Wayland fast. His head is under the hood tinkering for one last run before dark. He currently has a sign on his back that says "I have a 12.99 second car... Honest."

Otmar and the California PopE are doing well turning fast quarter miles in the high 90mph range. Nothing over 100mph yet though. Steve Muskarelli might have set a record in the Modified Conversion 48V class on his Super PockEtek, but we are waiting for confirmation.

One last run for the die hards. The Dragon Rose broke 100.7mph at 12.49 seconds on the very last run of the night to get into the 100mph club!

Fastest ET of the day!
Fastest MPH of the day!
A new world record at 156V!

Talk about a finale! Amazing! Duane Gergich was the daredevil rider and he currently has a BIG grin with the culmination of this three year effort to break 100mph. Unfortunately, they kind of just snuck out on the track late and I wasn't set up on the video for this run.

Now we are heading north to Portland to El Indio for the after race dinner. It was a great day of racing. Glad I could make it! Look for photos at the V is for Voltage Gallery in a couple of days.

Hope you enjoyed the coverage!

Ken Trough
Admin - V is for Voltage Megasite
AIM - ktrough
FAX - 801-749-7807
message - 866-872-8901

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