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The Internet is a tremendous source for information, so listed below are some Electric Vehicle links. If you know of any other links that should be listed here, please send mail to webmaster@nedra.com

Parts and Supplies

Automotive Parts and Supplies
Andy's Auto Sport

AC Power Components

Metric Mind Engineering

Hawker Energy
Trojan Battery

Chargers and Battery Monitors
Manzanita Micro

Alltrax, Inc.
Cafe Electric

EV Parts
Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd.
Cloud Electric
Electro Automotive
EV Components
EV Source
Lonestar EV Performance
Thunderstruck Motors


WarP Motors

Motors and Custom Built/Rebuilt Motors
Dennis Berube Motors

Racing Components
Clutch Net

EV News

EV World
Electric Vehicles UK

EV History

Some EV History
What you need to know About: History of Electric Vehicles

Associations and Organizations

Electric Auto Association
Fuel Cells 2000
Swiss Association for Efficient and Electric Vehicles

Racing Organizations

National Hot Rod Association
Speedace Electric Land Speed Records

EV Consulting Services

EV Consulting Inc.

Racing and EV Tech

Drag Times
Useful Formulas by the Electrician's Toolbox
What is Amps? Helpful information from Wise Geek

EVs for Sale

The EV Tradin' Post

Production and Pre-Production EVs

AC Propulsion
Commuter Cars Corporation

Myers Motors

Tesla Motors

Photo Albums

EV Discussion List Photo Album

Racing Vehicle Sites

Electrified Motor Sports Current Eliminator
Juiced Drag Racing
Otmar's 914
Plasma Boy Racing

Tools and Instruments

LEM Instruments

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