Along with a copy of your "Vehicle Inspection Form" please provide the following additional information when applying for records:

    1. For 1/8th and 1/4 mile records provide one time slip from this event.
        Send to: .

    2. For ET club, Fastest Speeds Club and Land Speed Records provide one time slip from this event.
        Send to: .

     3. For Roger Hedlund 100 mph club provide one time slip from this event, a photo file in .jpg format and unique specifications
        about your vehicle.
        Send to: .

    4. For NEDRA Points Championship Series updates provide your tech card and one time slip for each competition
        Send to: .

    5. For NEDRA Jr. Dragster records provide one time slip from this event.
        Send to: .

To earn a NEDRA Record vehicles are categorized by Class and Voltage. Classes are determined by the extent of the vehicle's modification from daily drivers such as simple Street Conversions (SC) to extreme racers like in the Dragster (DR) class. Classes are available for both cars (trucks) and motorcycles. Voltage Divisions begin with 24 volts for division J and step upward to division A5 for over 600.0 volts. Refer to the the table, Voltage Divisions, shown above. Please note that the old procedure for deriving voltage division by counting lead acid batteries to determine 'Nominal Voltage' is no longer valid. The only valid method for division determination is by direct voltage measurement. The voltage measurements may be made immediately prior to leaving the pits, in the staging lanes, or at the starting line.

To determine your voltage division, simply determine your pack voltage.

Each educational institution will be able to compete in ANY class and division they would like to. (Previously there were only two, HS and HS Modified. And weirdly cars and motorcycles and dragsters were all in the same class.)
Now there will be two different "certifications" the institute can get. HS for High Schools and High School level trade schools and ED for Educations of higher learning such as colleges and universities and post-high school college level trade schools.  They can compete in any class or division and if they qualify as such an entity and have the fastest time for HS or ED, they can earn that certification on that record. They may be faster or slower than the non-certificate record.

NEDRA works on the honor system, falsifying race forms or time slips could result in fines and/or
membership termination.

If you are uncertain of how to classify your vehicle, or have questions about the race classes and voltage divisions, please contact our tech contact and include a description of your vehicle.

Please send any corrections to existing record holder information to the e-mail addresses listed above.

If you wish to submit a new record, view the complete rules here: RULES

  • Please note that both the owner of the vehicle and the driver of the vehicle must be NEDRA members in order to set a new NEDRA record.
  • Send one time slip from any sanctioned track or NEDRA sanctioned event.

    If in doubt please send your information to:

NEDRA Record Holders
3017 N 2nd St
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
or email to: