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Pre-Season Opener 2004 Movie and Photo Gallery

Movie Gallery

  CA POP E Burnout   CAPOPE vs Silver Bullet   Revolt vs Rose Dragon  
Otmar's Ca Pop E Burnout
512 KB MOV
Ca Pop E vs Silver Bullet
608 KB MOV
Revolt vs Rose Dragon
1.1 MB MOV
  Gone Postal Racing   Gone Postal Vs Viper   Revolt vs ILean  
Gone Postal's Maiden Voyage
720 KB MOV
Gone Postal vs Viper
456 KB MOV
Revolt vs I-Lean G2
557 KB MOV
  ILean   Genset   Current Eliminator  
Evolve Motorworks Leaner
532 KB MOV
Genset charging Dualin' 7
855 KB MOV
CE practice runs
511 KB MOV
Movies Courtesy of Seth Allen


Photo Gallery

Click the pics for larger image

  Dragon Amps   Discovery Filming    
Father Time's Dragon Amps
Discovery filming
work on Gone Postal
Silver Bullet vs Ca Pop E
  Current Eliminator   Moped   NEDRA Pit  
CE bracket racing
An Electric Moped
NEDRA Pit Area
  Gone Postal   I-Lean   EX-3  
Roderick with Gone Postal
Evolve Motorworks I-Lean
Richard Furniss EX-3
  Suck Amps EV Racing   Father Time   Gone Postal  
Suck Amps EV Racing
Father Time with Rose Dragon and Dragon Amps
Gone Postal heading out
  Silver Bullet  
Belt Change
  Craig Uyeda  
  Two of Silver Bullet's
three motors
  Gone Postal getting
a belt change
  Craig Uyeda's
36-volt scooter
  Father Time and Brian Hall   Revolt and I-Lean   Half shaft repait  
  Father Time and Brian Hall   Revolt and I-Lean G2   Repairing half-shaft  
  Charging   Dennis, Rich, Otmar   Sizzlin  
  Rich Rudman manning
the charging station
  Dennis, Rich and Otmar   Sizzlin'!  
  Wanted   IRS   Rear Motors  
  Wanted!!   Gone Postal's IRS   Gone Postal's rear motor setup, before paint  
  Photo Ops   More photo ops   Gone Postal  
  Photo Ops   More Photo Ops   Father Time and Roderick  
  Starting   Finishing      
  Starting Line   Fastest Postal Van
in the West
Photos Courtesy of Chip Gribben, Seth Allen, Craig Uyeda, Otmar Ebenhoech and Joanne Granum


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