Who We Are - Meet Some of the Personalities Behind NEDRA

JOHN METRIC - President

john metricJohn Metric as a metallurgist has engineered and operated high powered "DC Plasma" furnaces up to 64megawatts for about 20 years. John got interested in Battery Powered vehicles when he saw some madman racing an electric powered snowmobile while stationed in Northern Alberta, Canada. Interested why it took off so fast off the line compared to ICE ones he found a fellow on line named Mike Willmon in Alaska who was lifting the wheels of his Pinto off the ground on the drag strip and was hooked. John abandoned his dream to build a Diablo kit car and turned his Fiero into "DC Plasma" modeled after the "Crazyhorse" in Alaska with twin Warp9 motors. John has set several world records during the last few years and has DCP up to 155mph at the Texas Mile from a standing start. John, with his MBA brings a business development flavor to NEDRA-presidency and hopes to keep it growing following on the great work of the folks who have come before. You can see some videos of his exploits at www.youtube.com/dcplasmaracing and on Facebook at "Lonestar EV Racing Team".

CHIP GRIBBEN - Previous PR Director/Webmaster-Graphic Designer/Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

roadsterGrowing up, Chip enjoyed drawing cars and messing around with electric gizmos. He has a BS degree in graphic design and worked for Boeing as an illustrator and web/graphic/exhibit designer. Today he owns the web and graphic design business DigiZone Designs. He converted his 1986 Ford Escort to electric and has built custom electric bikes and an electric Jr dragster. Chip joined NEDRA in 2000 where he designed the NEDRA logo and the NEDRA website. He coordinates the Annual NEDRA Power of DC held in Maryland. He illustrated the T-shirt for the KillaCycle, designed the artwork for Roderick Wilde's Gone Postal truck, and his logo, Suck Amps, based on Roderick's tattoo. He created John Wayland's Plasma Boy and illustrated the concept for Ken Koch's electric '34 Roadster and Ken's EV Consulting, Inc. website. Chip also owns an the electric scooter and bike repair business, ElectroScooterWorks where he does repairs and builds custom electric bikes and scooters.

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