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For Sale by NEDRA Members

   Rules for this service:
   The seller must be a current member of NEDRA.
   The seller must provide one to two pictures of the item for sale.
   The seller must provide a description of the item.
   The seller must provide a price for the item.
   The seller must provide an email address or phone number.
   All transactions will be directly between the seller and buyer.
   The seller must notify the webmaster within three days of the finalized sale.
   This is a free service provided by NEDRA for its members.

To post items to this web site, send all information and or questions to the webmaster.

SOLD SOLD Frank John - item# 0007 SOLD SOLD

(1) Sep-Ex Motor and Controller:

D&D ES-10E-33 sepex motor with Sevcon 425A PowerPak controller, contactor, assorted wires,
 documentation, bits and pieces. This was used for several years on a 72V street bike conversion
 used for commuting. Everything you need to have a running machine. $400 + shipping.

 Frank John
 Contact EMail: biker_ev@yahoo.com
Frank John - item# 0006

(2) Remy HVH 250-090S Motor.  This is the torque monster! 300+ lb.-ft.; base speed (and power)
 depends on what voltage you use. This motor was used in a street motorcycle conversion and
 ridden approximately 500 miles. Gen 1 housing, includes waterjet cut motor mounts, sensor cable
 and oil pan conversion as recommended by Remy engineers. Without this conversion you must use
 a scavenge pump; with it you can use a smaller and quieter circulating pump. This conversion is
 reversible: simply unbolt the oil pan and replace with a block-off plate.

This motor is well understood by controller manufacturers and I used it with a Rinehart PM100DX.
 $2250 + shipping. Please contact me if any questions or for additional pictures or information.

 Frank John
 Contact EMail: biker_ev@yahoo.com

Frank John - item# 0005

(3) Russco SC 18-120 SO battery charger and boost transformer - $250

Used to charge a string of Thundersky 100Ah cells (24S). $250 + shipping. Includes SB50
 connectors (one for pack, other to supply 12V).

 Frank John
 Contact EMail: biker_ev@yahoo.com

Peter Sotropa - item# 0004

 Sony Xmore Steadyshot Camera w/ NHRA legal mounting bracket.
 Set up to fit on roll cage.
 To view video using this camera see 
 150 USD. Buyer pays shipping.

 Peter Sotropa
 Light Switch Racing
 Strathmore, AB Canada
 T1P 1X2
 403 361-0444
 Contact EMail: peter@lightswitchracing.com

Peter Sotropa - item# 0003

 72 volt Lithium battery and charger. This is the battery used in the Junior Dragster which won the
 NHRA Northwest National Open Series and the NHRA Wally.

 850 USD for both. Buyer pays shipping.

 Peter Sotropa
 Light Switch Racing
  Contact EMail: peter@lightswitchracing.com

Peter Sotropa - item# 0002

 My L91-4003 Advanced D.C. Motor is for sale. Excellent condition. Will sell with foot, end plate and
 base for Half Scale Junior Dragster. $1000 or motor only for 700 USD. Buyer pays shipping.

 Operating range 72 to 120V
 Weight: 82 lb.
 Diameter: 17cm (6.7") Length: 39cm (15.3")

 Peter Sotropa
 Light Switch Racing
 Strathmore, AB Canada
 T1P 1X2
 403 361-0444
 Contact EMail: peter@lightswitchracing.com

Terry Hatfield - item# 0001

 Vehicle Name: Shock Therapy's Quiet Riot Dragster
 Class: DR/B
 Voltage: 240
 Motor: Custom. Fresh rebuild with 0 passes
 Speed Controller: Zilla 2K
 Batteries: Lone Star modules. 30 in pack. 1 extra. Batteries have 5 passes on them.
 Wheel Base: 90"
 NEDRA Records: DR/B 1/8th mile
 Best Time: 5.54 sec.
 Best Speed: 101.81 mph
 Distance: 1/8th mile
 Other: Dragster is built with the very best of everything.
 Price includes charger string, slicks have 5 passes on them, extra slicks, extra Helwig Carbon brush sets along with
 many other items included with dragster purchase.

28' by 102", 2008 Haulmark Edge with generator, A/C and heat, awning, all tires 1 year old with 2
 spares and many, many extras. Will sell complete trailer ready to race. Will sell separately if not sold with dragster.
 Pricing: $15,000 for dragster, $10,000 for trailer.
  Contact EMail: topreachhisword@aol.com

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